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Paciugo Gelato & Caffé | New Product: Bare Bones Broth

New Product: Bare Bones Broth

Paciugo Gelato & Caffé

We are exciting to offer Bare Bones Broth as a healthy alternative beverage or light meal.  We are currently the only retailer of this excellent product in Colorado.
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Ethical Sourcing
Everything in Bare Bones broths is ethically raised and free of antibiotics, hormones and grains - because peace of mind is priceless.

Slow Food, Real Food
• Bare Bones broth is never boiled. It simmers for 24 hours to retain all of its nutritional value.
• It’s free of gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, MSG, artificial flavorings and added colorings.
• All of the flavors are Whole30 approved and Paleo friendly.

The broth can be sipped as a healthy drink or used in soups, meals and sauces.

And Wow, the Benefits
Movie stars, professional athletes, Olympians and weekend warriors are calling this culinary cornerstone their secret to performance, recovery
and beauty.
• Soothes joints
• Supports immunity
• Easy to add to your diet
• Tastes delicious
• Contains 12-13g of protein per serving
• Aids muscle, tendon and ligament recovery
• Strengthens bones and nails
• Rejuvenates skin